4 Ways To Make Sure Your Web Agency Is Living Up To Their Promises

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Analytics and Trends: What You Should Look For

It happens to every web agency at some point or another, a client, seduced by promises of greatness from another web company, leaves in pursuit of a mythical amount of customer traffic and leads for their business. Most times, however, it’s just that – mythical.

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Generic SEO Emails to Watch Out For

seoimageSEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a term many scammers / spammers use to attract the attention of anyone with a website. The promise of page 1 placement in the search engines, the guarantee of top ranking for your keywords, search engine optimization at a very low cost, etc., are all tricks I’ve seen used in the generic emails these “SEO Companies” send to, I’m certain, tens of thousands of email accounts every day. I get at least 5 of these emails on a typical day myself. Most of them claim that your website doesn’t rank well “organically” in the search engines. I find this particular statement very funny because they most likely found your website, to send you this spam email, via the search engines. All of their promises seem to be too good to be true, and they are, so don’t put yourself in a predicament where you trust one of these companies with your website – the engine that drives the success of your business.

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