Announcing The REACH Package – All The Online Tools Your Business Needs In One COMPLETE Package!

If you’re like most businesses you’re tired of being promised the moon and never seeing lift-off. Most dealerships have the same common pain points – they are not seeing enough leads from the web, they want more website traffic and phone calls, they are tired of dealing with a multitude of vendors in order to get all the tools they need, and then after all that they are still disappointed with the performance they are getting from those vendors. Surely there must be a better way!

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List Your RV Storage Facility with Logo     RVStorageSites Logo

As the camping season comes to an end for the year, RVers are starting their search for a facility to store their RV. has been online since 1995, providing RVers and Campers alike with a valuable resource guide for everything RV, including storage facility locations.

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POP3 vs. IMAP Email Configurations

Email ProtocolsAs more and more of our customers send and receive emails on multiple devices, it’s good to know you have options when it comes to email configurations.  You’ll find that Outlook and other email clients support two protocols:  POP3 and IMAP.  Here’s a little bit of information about each that will help you decide which configuration suits you and your needs best.

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New Feature: SpecBase Auto-Fill

Our RV Dealers have a new tool that my team integrated into our Member Management Console this week – SpecBase Auto-Fill.

SpecBase Auto-Fill

Entering an RV, 2008 or newer, into our MMC is now faster and easier than ever before with SpecBase Auto-Fill.  All you have to do is select the year, classification, type, brand, model and floor plan from the drop-down boxes and you’ll get a prompt like the image above asking if you want to auto-fill the fields with the manufacturer’s data, including options.

If you select YES, our system will automatically import the data for MSRP, length, chassis, engine, # sleeps, slideouts, A/C, tank capacities, weights and the item features / options.  The stock number and price fields are the only two fields that you will have to manually enter for the most part.

Along with all the data, you’ll have the opportunity to use / select a stock photo and/or floor plan image with the unit.

SpecBase Stock Photo & Floor Plan

To use the stock photo and/or floor plan photo, check the box(es) and the system will automatically insert them into the pictures for that unit.  Using the stock image is great for new arrivals that you haven’t had the chance to go take actual pictures of yet.  You can either keep the stock photo and add your pictures to it or replace the stock photo with pictures of the actual RV.

If you select NO, you’ll just enter the unit information and pictures like you normally would.

If you are not signed up to list your dealership and inventory on, you can review the Dealer Plans by clicking HERE.

Cindy Spencer  🙂

Cindy SpencerCindy Spencer, an Account Manager at NetSource Media since 2000, works with clients across the US with, and  Cindy and her in-house team of designers and programmers helps dealers with website design & hosting, inventory management & distribution, website maintenance & SEO and much more.  Connect with Cindy on Google+.