Tips and Tools for Taking Amazing RV Trailer Photos

We are a society that thrives on the visual. The most prominent of our senses is our vision and when we see something appealing to us, we just need to see and experience more. Because people tend to “eat with their eyes” first, having stunning photos of your RV is extremely important when it comes to selling. Thankfully, achieving beautiful photos is much easier to attain than previously thought. With the advancements in technology and the affordability of good cameras, you can take amazing RV photos with ease and be on your way to a plethora of sales.

Get A Good Camera

First and foremost, having the right equipment will make or break your photos. While cell phones are nice and have come a long way, there is no comparison to using a good camera. Canon has many great options in all price ranges.

You can pick up either a nice point and shoot, or if you want, you can invest in a DSLR. The DSLR has quite the learning curve, but it is well worth it for the quality of the photos you can get.

Think About Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to photography! Make sure you are taking photos in natural daylight if possible and avoid using the flash! Light and bright photos will appeal to more potential buyers.

The time of day can actually help with your lighting as well. You will get the best lighting an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Mid-day light can be very harsh ( for the exterior photos at least) so try to at least get the exterior photos done early.

For interior photos, open all of the windows and blinds and flood your RV with light. Take a look in your viewfinder and check out your lighting with it flooded… If it is too bright, slowly start adjusting the blinds until it looks right.

Clean It Up

No one wants to see photos of a messy RV. Before taking the photos for your advertisements, take a few minutes to clean it up. Don’t leave boxes laying around or papers on the counters. You want to showcase a pristine RV that potential buyers will fall in love with.

So take a few minutes, clean up the RV and then you can snap away.

Distance and Details

Amazing RV photographs will allow potential buyers to get a real feel for the unit. You want them to feel what it would be like to be in it, and to do this you need to offer an array of photos.

While yes, people want to see photographs of details and the finer things in the unit, they also want wide angled shots to be able to get a good view of the floor-plan and look of the unit as a whole.

So when taking your RV photos, it is important to get shots from various angles in order to showcase the true essence of a unit and allow a potential buyer to imagine themselves in there.


Something that you may not have thought about is staging. Just like when selling a home, staging can be a huge benefit when it comes to selling an RV. Many people like seeing what things could look like with their stuff in it. So staging the unit for photos can help bring out that aspect of the buyers interest.

Staging doesn’t have to be too difficult either. Make sure beds are made with sheets and pillows. Maybe get some fresh flowers to set around… A nice rug, plates set on the table, etc… small things, but these small additions can be very meaningful and make photos extra appealing to buyers.

Having beautiful and clear RV photos is one of the most important things you can do to help sell your units. People want to see clear, crisp photos where they can imagine themselves being in the RV itself.

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RVDA Chairman of the Board for 2009-2010: Debbie Brunoforte


Debbie Brunoforte of Little Dealer, Little Prices in Mesa, AZ, is the Chairman of the Board of RVDA – The National RV Dealers Association for 2009 – 2010.  Brunoforte became RVDA’s top volunteer leader on October 8, at the association’s Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo in Las Vegas, NV.  Brunoforte previously served on the association’s Executive Committee as First Vice Chairman.   She was chairman of the Replacement Parts Availability Task Force for the industry’s Committee on Excellence in 2007 and 2008.

“I think it’s time to put aside the doom and gloom and look to a brighter future,” Brunoforte told the RVDA membership. “Restrictive financing and other limiting factors will be challenges for some time, and yet, there are reasons to be optimistic,” she said.   Brunoforte cited improving economic indicators including the stock market and housing as reasons for an uptick for the RV industry.

Other members of the RVDA Board of Directors for 2009-2010 are:  First Vice Chairman – Tim O’Brien, Circle K RV’s, Inc., Lapeer, MI;  Second Vice Chairman – Andy Heck, Alpin Haus, Amsterdam, NY;  Treasurer – Mick Ferkey, Greeneway, Inc., Wisconsin Rapids, WI;  Secretary – Jeff Hirsch, Campers Inn of Kingston, Kingston, NH;  and Directors Bob Been, Affinity RV Service Sales & Rentals, Prescott, AZ;  Tadd Jenkins, Bish’s RV Super Center, Idaho Falls, ID;  Steve Plemmons, Bill Plemmons RV World, Rural Hall, NC; and  Bill White, United RV Center, Fort Worth, TX.

Also serving on the RVDA Board of Directors are:  Past Chairman – Larry Troutt, Topper’s Camping Center, Waller, TX;  RVDA Education Foundation Chairman – Rick Horsey, Parkview RV Center, Smyrna, DE;  RV Assistance Corp. (RVAC) Chairman – Tom Stinnett of Tom Stinnett RV Freedom Center, Clarksville, IN;  and RV Rental Association (RVRA) Chairman – Bert Alanko, MBA Insurance, Scottsdale, AZ.  RVDA President Mike Molino also serves as a non-voting member.

RVDA, the National RV Dealers Association, is the national association representing RV retailers.  The association’s members include RV dealers, RV rental operators, and RV AfterMarket sales and service locations.  To learn more about the RVDA, visit their website: