Midsota Trailer Sales Launches Updated Website

NetSource Media is proud to announce the relaunch of the newly updated website for Midsota Trailer Sales . Midsota is a premier trailer dealer. Offering high wuality trailers and excellent service. They proudly serve Avon, MN and the surrounding area.

The Midsota website has received a fresh new face lift to keep up with the changing digital times.
Secure Website

Midsota’s website is safe and secure. A new SSL will ensure that customer information is on full lock-down and there is no need to worry when purchasing a new trailer here. With Google as well as the search engines  cracking down on security, having this as a part of a new site design is pertinent.

SiteSource 4

For Midsota, we implemented our SiteSource 4 Content Management System that makes it simple for dealers to manage pages and content on a new website.

Within our SiteSource 4 framework, there are new modules that we created to make it extremely easy to add in content to a page and have the layout of that content predefined.  This makes the site easy to customize and much more user friendly.

Featured Units

With the newly updated Midsota website, users will now be able to see an easy to use featured units section right on the home page. The dealer will manage what units they want to feature. This makes for an easier selling experience for the dealer, and a more informed buying experience for a consumer.


As with all of our new website launches, we have an SEO specialist ensure that everything is up to snuff prior to launch. Ensuring the site is easy to search, simple to find, and ranking for pertinent keywords.

Having an optimized website is important when it some to being seen. Our SEO specialist ensures that everything is functioning correctly and pretty easy to find online!

With all of the new features, Midsota Trailer Sales can now boast an easy to navigate, easy to manage website. This will help them attract the right attention online from potential clients.

We are proud to have worked with Midsota Trailer Sales and look forward to seeing them grow.

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