Why Your RV Dealership Should Be Using Our “Get Sale Price” Tool

In today’s society, everyone wants instant gratification, and what would make your customers any different? Our Get Sale Price tool is a great way to keep your customers satisfied and your business thriving.

With this tool, dealers can enter a sale price on new units that is lower than the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) pricing restrictions through our Member Management Console (MMC) which does not show up online. When visitors are browsing your website, they will see a “Get Sale Price” button. If clicked, the customer will be prompted to enter their email address, and once entered, the site will reveal the sale price as entered into the MMC. You will receive a copy of the emails to complete follow up and pursue sale leads. Continue reading “Why Your RV Dealership Should Be Using Our “Get Sale Price” Tool”

Online Pricing Solution That’s a Win for Everyone

I’ve heard a lot about MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) online pricing restrictions recently from our RV Dealers imposed by Forest River, Keystone, Open Range and a few other manufacturers.  I wanted to remind you that we have a solution that works for everyone and that solution is our Get Sale Price tool.

With our Get Sale Price tool, the dealer selects the manufacturer(s) they want to use this on and it will only display on those units marked as NEW.  The dealer then enters their sale prices through our Member Management Console, which does not show online.  Your visitors see the “Get Sale Price” link in the price field for those units, they click on it, enter their email address and instantly receive the sale price you’ve entered on the MMC.  You will receive a copy of those emails so that you can follow up with the visitor if you want and also get an idea of which units are the most popular.  

Visitors love this tool because they can get the sale price instantly for those units – instant gratification.  I know when I’m shopping either online or in an actual store, if I don’t see pricing I’m out of there – moving on to another store that does have pricing.  I also look for sale items, especially in today’s economy.  Looking for sale items is just a natural instinct I think for most Americans today.

Dealers love it because they are not fielding a ton of phone calls or emails from tire kickers, they get copies of the Get Sale Price emails sent to potential customers so they can follow up easily and they are able to make sales to potential customers that more than likely would have moved on to another dealership when they saw the MAP or no pricing at all, which is what some dealers have opted to do.

I can tell you that displaying “Call For Pricing” in the price field is a big mistake – vsitors absolutely hate this.  I know this because we get emails from ticked off visitors on RVUSA.com who think we are the people not displaying the prices.

We have a number of dealers using the Get Sale Price tool on their websites.  Here’s a few to check out:

We don’t have to host your website in order for you to use this tool but why not host with us – it doesn’t cost any extra to do so.

If you would like more information on how to add this to your website, send me an email or give me a call (866-643-4625 x 120).

Cindy Spencer  🙂

RV Pricing Online for New RVs

Over the years, RV Manufacturers like R-Vision, Keystone RV, Forest River and Fleetwood have imposed strict rules and regulations on what pricing RV Dealers can post online for New Current Year and/or Never Titled units.  This seriously restricts RV Dealers ability to sell NEW units online and really only left them with two options:

  1. Show no pricing or Call Dealer for Pricing
  2. Show the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested List Price) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)

The first option gives your website visitors, which are potential customers, the feeling that the dealer is not posting the price online so they aren’t tied to a certain price and can charge whatever they want.  When looking to purchase a big ticket item like an RV, house, etc., I, like most people, want to know the price up front.  Visitors don’t have time to waste looking at units they know they can’t afford.  This option leaves them frustrated, which is usually when I get an email wondering why “we” don’t put pricing online.

With the second option, you run the risk of scaring potential customers away with pricing that’s not really what they can or will actually pay for the RV.  If you go this route, I highly recommend that you have a disclaimer on each unit page that clearly states the pricing shown is MSRP or MAP, which is the only pricing the manufacturer will allow you to display online and to contact you via email or phone for your sale price.  That being said, how many of those shoppers have the time or patience to email or call?  What if they email and it gets lost in cyber space?  What if they call, have to leave a message but no one returns the call?

Not to toot our own horn (toot – toot), but we created a “work-around” that solves both issues above and helps both your visitors and your dealership. 

Website visitors love this tool because they can get your “Sale Price” instantly via email and the RV Dealers love it because they get a copy of the Sale Price inquiries generated through their inventory.  This means more sales leads for you from happy shoppers because they now feel you care so much about them that you took the time to implement this extremely helpful tool that allows them to shop online, which is the whole point.

If you would like to use our GET SALE PRICE tool on your website and/or inventory, send me an email or give me a call (866-643-4625 x 120).

Cindy Spencer  🙂