Inventory Feed to and is now sending inventory to and as part of our Dealer Partner plan.  So together with the 1.5 million visitors per month on, plus the 60 mfg / model specific websites we host and now these two new feeds you just can’t find another company that will get your RVs for sale in front of more people.

Explanations of each website in their own words: is the leading vertical search platform for autos, travel, and real estate, with millions of users a month making purchasing decisions through’s network of partner websites. improves the online shopping experience with the largest selection, sub-second search times, and intuitive auto, real estate, and vacation rental search that helps users find the best match on the Internet for their needs.  Oodle is the fastest growing classifieds service. Pulling together and organizing millions of listings from all over the Web, Oodle is simply the best way to buy and sell through online classifieds.

Call me toll-free if you’d like to get signed up:  866-643-4625.

Cindy 🙂

Are you a Jayco Dealer with a Microsite?

Stop the presses!! is the first and only online source that can send your inventory to your Jayco Microsite.  Jayco is accepting all new and used Jayco models as well as any other used models that you have for sale.  I know how time consuming it is to enter your inventory on 2, 3 or more different websites.  That’s valuable time you could be out selling and making more money. was the first company to set up an inventory feed to many years ago.  Since then we’ve added about 12 other RV Classified websites.  Take advantage of this time-saving opportunity to get your inventory on the website.  Give me a call at 1-866-643-4625. 

We are talking to other RV Manufacturers to set up similar feeds to their websites.  If you would like us to get in touch with one or all of the RV Manufacturers you represent, let me know.  Let me be your advocate!!

Cindy 🙂

How does the text on your website help in the search engines?

In an effort to make your website cooler or jazzier than your competitors one of the first things people tend to do is remove the text and put in graphics or Flash elements.  Now that may make it look better than your competitors website but if their website is “search engine friendly”, meaning the spiders can crawl their website and index / rank it more effectively, they will get higher rankings in the search engines.

You could have the coolest website in the world but if it’s not designed so the spiders can index it properly chances are not many people will know about it.  You can optimize a website once it’s been designed but it’s so much easier to do that during the build process.

When creating the text for each page make sure the meta tags have the top 5-10 keywords from that specific page repeated in them.  Your title tag should have 70-90 characters (including spaces), your keyword tag should have no more than 20-25 keywords (separated by commas) and your description tag should have no more than 250 characters (including spaces). 

I’ve seen a lot of dealers who tend to put their competitors names in their keywords.  In order for that to be effective you have to repeat those names in the text on the page, which of course you don’t want to do.  You’ll have more success when you concentrate on your state, major cities, models, manufacturers and types.

Remember, the top 5-10 keywords or phrases should be repeated several times in the text of the page for the optimum density.

How to keep going during the economic slow down

During the economic slow down there are a number of things you can do to maintain your online visibility, continue generating traffic and keep your dealership and website top of mind.

  1. Be proactive.  Make sure your dealership and inventory get in front of as many potential customers as possible. Use your own website in conjunction with RV industry websites like,, and
  2. Research online tools that will make your job easier, will help you get your inventory loaded quickly and distributed to many websites automatically and give you the reporting you need so you can see what’s moving and what’s not.
  3. Take care of your customers from sales to service.  That will keep them coming back and they will refer their friends and family to your dealership.
  4. If your not using a tool to send eNewsletters to your current and potential customers, now is the time to start.  It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep in contact with them about sales events, specials, etc. happening at your dealership.
  5. Make sure your website content is up-to-date, the inventory pictures are clear and the descriptions are as detailed as possible.
  6. Check other websites that have your dealership information listed on them, check for errors or corrections that need to be made to ensure potential customers can get in touch with you as easily as possible. has a tool you can use to send out eNewsletters to your customers.  Let me know if you want more information about it.

Which RV Industry Websites You Should Advertise On

I know there are a lot of people calling you to advertise on their website.  Some offer it so cheap or for free that it’s hard to say no.  The problem with signing up and having a link from those websites is since they are new or low traffic sites their PR (pagerank) will be low, most often lower than your PR, which brings down your PR.  PR is an algorithm that Google uses to examine the link structure of your website and determine which pages are the most important and relevant to the search being conducted.  This is a subject for another post that I’ll discuss.  

Some promise the moon and stars with a cadillac price so you think it must be worth it.  Once you realize what a mistake you’ve made signing up, your locked into a contract.

The truth is that there are 4 main players (in order of the most traffic):,, and  So besides your own website, which is where you inventory absolutely needs to be listed, those four websites need to have you and your inventory on them as well.

Now, will set up pages that you can link to that will list the inventory you have with them in their format.  Most often the look and feel of those pages don’t match your own so they don’t “flow” with your website and may confuse visitors.  Plus, I believe they charge extra per month for that service. does accept a nightly inventory feed from on the other hand provides virtual inventory pages that look just like your website, in fact, visitors won’t even know they’ve left your website as seen on unless they look at the URL.  It’s very seamless, doesn’t cost anything additional to set up or maintain and the best part is you only have to enter your inventory one time.  As soon as you list a unit it’s displayed on your website, on and on the applicable 60 mfg / model specific websites in the network. does not provide inventory pages that I’m aware of but they do accept an inventory feed each night from as well so once again, you only have to enter your inventory one time. also does not provide inventory pages that I’m aware of but they accept an inventory feed from each night, which as I’m sure you can imagine is a real BIG time saver for you or the person you pay to enter your inventory online.

If you’ve got your inventory listed on your website and as many of those 4 websites listed above as possible, you should be all set.  I’m not saying run out and sign up for all of them tomorrow.  I’m saying they get the majority of the “RV” traffic.  You might sign up for and find it’s not working for you.  Give it a good 90 days to determine it’s effectiveness.  If you’re not locked into a contract, get out of it and try one of the others.

I hope this information clears any questions you have about who the big players are in the RV Industry online.

My 2 cents…