Tips and Tools for Taking Amazing RV Trailer Photos

We are a society that thrives on the visual. The most prominent of our senses is our vision and when we see something appealing to us, we just need to see and experience more. Because people tend to “eat with their eyes” first, having stunning photos of your RV is extremely important when it comes to selling. Thankfully, achieving beautiful photos is much easier to attain than previously thought. With the advancements in technology and the affordability of good cameras, you can take amazing RV photos with ease and be on your way to a plethora of sales.

Get A Good Camera

First and foremost, having the right equipment will make or break your photos. While cell phones are nice and have come a long way, there is no comparison to using a good camera. Canon has many great options in all price ranges.

You can pick up either a nice point and shoot, or if you want, you can invest in a DSLR. The DSLR has quite the learning curve, but it is well worth it for the quality of the photos you can get.

Think About Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to photography! Make sure you are taking photos in natural daylight if possible and avoid using the flash! Light and bright photos will appeal to more potential buyers.

The time of day can actually help with your lighting as well. You will get the best lighting an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Mid-day light can be very harsh ( for the exterior photos at least) so try to at least get the exterior photos done early.

For interior photos, open all of the windows and blinds and flood your RV with light. Take a look in your viewfinder and check out your lighting with it flooded… If it is too bright, slowly start adjusting the blinds until it looks right.

Clean It Up

No one wants to see photos of a messy RV. Before taking the photos for your advertisements, take a few minutes to clean it up. Don’t leave boxes laying around or papers on the counters. You want to showcase a pristine RV that potential buyers will fall in love with.

So take a few minutes, clean up the RV and then you can snap away.

Distance and Details

Amazing RV photographs will allow potential buyers to get a real feel for the unit. You want them to feel what it would be like to be in it, and to do this you need to offer an array of photos.

While yes, people want to see photographs of details and the finer things in the unit, they also want wide angled shots to be able to get a good view of the floor-plan and look of the unit as a whole.

So when taking your RV photos, it is important to get shots from various angles in order to showcase the true essence of a unit and allow a potential buyer to imagine themselves in there.


Something that you may not have thought about is staging. Just like when selling a home, staging can be a huge benefit when it comes to selling an RV. Many people like seeing what things could look like with their stuff in it. So staging the unit for photos can help bring out that aspect of the buyers interest.

Staging doesn’t have to be too difficult either. Make sure beds are made with sheets and pillows. Maybe get some fresh flowers to set around… A nice rug, plates set on the table, etc… small things, but these small additions can be very meaningful and make photos extra appealing to buyers.

Having beautiful and clear RV photos is one of the most important things you can do to help sell your units. People want to see clear, crisp photos where they can imagine themselves being in the RV itself.

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Social Media Tips for RV Dealers

Did you know that there are over 2.27 billion active users on Facebook and 1 billion on Instagram? You may be saying, okay that is a lot of people… But what does it mean for me?

In short, if you aren’t harnessing the power of social media, you are missing out on a large portion of your potential client base. Chances are, a large number of your ideal clients are out there on social media and all you need to do is advertise to them!

But how does an RV dealer make the most out of social media? Don’t worry, that is what we are here for! Some of the social media marketing may seem confusing, but I promise, it is easier than it seems, and with a few simple tips you could be on your way to becoming a social media marketing master.

Starting a RV Dealership Blog

One of the best things you can do for your dealership to increase your brand awareness and draw in potential clients is to start a blog associated with your RV Dealership website. A blog allows you to share things with your client base, such as updates about your dealership, new arrivals, and most importantly lifestyle posts… Now, you may not think that lifestyle posts are helpful because they aren’t “sale oriented” but you would be wrong.

Lifestyle blog posts add value to your site, help increase your SEO scores, and keep your client base entertained and coming back! No one wants to be sold to all of the time… Sometimes people want some fun tips, hacks, recipes, etc…  You can easily insert links to your dealer site into these lifestyle posts as well, which again will help with your ranking and increase your viability.

Facebook for RV Dealers

Facebook is getting more difficult for businesses to utilize due to changes in the algorithm which is now favoring personal pages and not giving business pages as high of an organic reach. Does this mean advertising on Facebook is dead though? Not at all! We just have to adapt to the changing market and reevaluate Facebook marketing techniques.

For RV Dealers, it is important to use targeted paid advertising to ensure you are reaching the right audience who is ready to buy! Not sure how to properly target your desired audience? Give one of the social media experts at NetSource Media a call to get started on the right track today!

Another important thing to remember about Facebook ( and most social media channels) is to not only share your own content. It may seem counterproductive, but you want to sprinkle in other content into your sharing schedule. This can be a relevant viral video, helpful lifestyle post, or even sharing client photos where they have tagged you!

Instagram for RV Dealers

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform out there today! It is a mobile only platform, and people flock to it! There is a huge untapped market on Instagram for RV Dealers. If you want to get started building your Instagram account, start by sharing photos that your clients want to see. Again, don’t just sell! Share photos of clients happily buying their new rig…. Share a beautiful travel photo and some travel tips… yes, share your new arrivals and sales, but make sure you are adding value to your followers’s feeds.

Learn more about Instagram and Instagram growth here!!

Pinterest for RV Dealers

While Pinterest may be technically classified as a social media platform, it is in all intents and purposes a search engine. People are on Pinterest every day looking for ideas and things to purchase. It may be seen as not useful to dealers, but if done correctly it can greatly benefit your dealer business.

Pinterest is highly beneficial especially if you are producing lifestyle posts. Lifestyle posts, especially those related to travel, camping, holidays, gifts, recipes, etc.… preform extremely well on Pinterest. This in turn builds brand awareness and sends more people to your website!

YouTube for RV Dealers

One of the most underutilized social media platforms for dealers is YouTube. Video content can be highly beneficial to spreading brand awareness and add value to your clientele.

YouTube is now known for being the 2nd largest search engine in the world. People flock to YouTube to look up reviews of products they are looking to buy. You can harness this by creating video content of your units. One example would be to do a walk-through video showcasing new units on your lot.

Start Your Social Media Marketing Journey Today

So are you ready to launch your RV Dealership forward, increase your brand awareness, and bring in new sales?

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The Benefits of Having Live Chat on Your Website

I’m sure at one point or another you have been on a website with Live Chat capabilities. Maybe you have thought about investing in a Live Chat service for your own business, but aren’t completely sure if it is worth it… What the benefits are… Why it is even beneficial… Today we will be breaking down the top benefits of Live Chat software so you can make an informed decision for your business.

Benefits of Live Chat

Low Cost

Live Chat is a wonderful inexpensive option.  Many of the Live Chat companies tend to be much less expensive than traditional phone services, costing about 20-30% less.

Fast Results

Live Chat is capable of providing extremely rapid results to user problems. Forgotten passwords? 404 errors? Customer issues? On average, it takes less than a minute to resolve a query using Live Chat software!

Increase Sales

According to the American Marketing Association study, live chat can increase conversions by 20 percent or more! It is also stated that the ROI from typical Live Chat software is approximately 300%. Finally this study also concludes that customers who use Live Chat are three times more likely to make a purchase!


If you want a convenient communication option that your clientele will love, then Live Chat is perfect. Not only it is easily accessible, negating  the need for users to search for contact information, it also allows users to continue using your site with minimal interruption while still communicating with your team.

Breaks Down The Language Barrier

No more worry about the language barrier for international businesses. Live Chat has the capability to translate back and forth in real time, making it simple for individuals of different languages to communicate!

Built in Analytics

In the back end, Live Chat gives you access to some really impressive and useful analytics. With your software you can get reports on usage, customer satisfaction, agent performance and more all in real time!

So if you are interested in LiveChat, contact the experts at Netsource Media today to get you set up with LiveChat for your business today! It is a valuable investment into your business that can change the way you engage with clients for the best.

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