How to use Remarketing to grow your Dealership

Leverage the Customer Buying Cycle with Remarketing

Understanding the Customer Buying Cycle

The “Customer Buying Cycle” is a 5-stage journey in which consumer’s research, evaluate and purchase a product or commit to a service. For example, a person recognizes they would like to take a vacation, so they begin researching cruises, popular destinations, other excursions, etc. Throughout the research stage, this person forms a list of the most desired vacations and begins to evaluate which will be the most enjoyable experience. Finally, they decide to go on a cruise to the Caribbean with Carnival Cruises, buy their ticket and set sail to have fun in the sun. After the vacation, they reflect on the experience, what they liked, what they disliked and decide whether or not they would take a cruise again. Continue reading “How to use Remarketing to grow your Dealership”

Keystone RV Center Launches New Website


The NetSource team is proud to launch a custom redesigned website for Keystone RV Center. Keystone’s new website uses the new SiteSource 4.0 management system, giving their staff an easy way to update and maintain their website. The content management system SiteSource 4.0, developed by NetSource, allows clients to control and update their own websites at anytime without requiring HTML experience. After receiving complimentary training from NetSource, the Keystone RV staff will be able to make changes to their website through their browser.

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Why you need Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Most business owners know all about their website’s traffic stats – monthly visitors, conversions, bounce rate, etc. However, if you’re in the “set it and forget it” camp, and you haven’t been keeping track of your website’s performance, here are some ways you should be using you Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to make your website work for you! Continue reading “Why you need Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools”

RV Toscano Launches New Website


The NetSource Media has just launched a new, custom-built website for RV Toscano, an authorized RV dealer in sales, service and parts for multiple well-known manufacturers. With the business growing, RV Toscano needed a website that was easy to find and for users to navigate through. The dealer also needed a website that could be easily managed by the staff at anytime. Web experts at NetSource were able to build the perfect web solution for RV Toscano. Continue reading “RV Toscano Launches New Website”

How to Use Pinterest & Instagram for Your Dealership

With new social media “apps” popping up daily, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. However, trying to add every new platform to your marketing strategy can do more harm than hurt. Instead of jumping on every new app you see, try focusing on some of the most popular platforms that have been around for more than a few years. Today’s blog will give you some insights and tips on using Pinterest and Instagram to grow your dealership. Continue reading “How to Use Pinterest & Instagram for Your Dealership”