Quick Tips for Creating Effective Inventory List Pages

If you have a dealership, you are probably aware that nearly all customers research large purchases online before they visit your lot. So, why not capture those visitors while they are researching? Build informative and engaging inventory list pages that educate the consumer while also advertising your products. Here are a few tips on how to do that: Continue reading “Quick Tips for Creating Effective Inventory List Pages”

Local Listings for Your Business

As a kid, I loved looking up phone numbers in the Yellow Pages for my parents.  A business had to have a listing in the local phone book back then to get found by consumers like us.

Today, I can’t remember the last time I pulled out an actual phone book to search for a local business.  Can you?

As phone books were phased out, the Yellow Pages and many more companies created online local listing websites, and mapping apps to keep up with the mobile, smart phone consumers.

So before, when I had maybe 2-3 different phone books, the information was easy enough to keep updated and consistent.  Now there’s a ton of local listing websites, and mapping apps out there with no single source for all of this data, which makes it really easy for your business information to get entered incorrectly, have multiple listings, etc. Continue reading “Local Listings for Your Business”