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Our tips address dealer marketing issues we covered in our blog in 2014. Use the provided links to check out the full articles if you missed them or just got too busy for implementation. Continue reading “Our Best of 2014 List is on Facebook!”

How to Overcome Internal Objections to Manufacturing Marketing

Digital marketing has not historically been a part of many manufacturers’ budgets, but as technology evolves to the point where in-person sales presentations are not necessary and B2B customers shift financial resources away from the travel required for trade show attendance, manufacturing companies are finding that they must reconsider online advertising. Fifty-one percent of engineers did not attend a trade show in 2012, while 66% of engineers attended at least one webinar or online event (GlobalSpec 2013 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector).

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However, digital marketers who are hired by manufacturing companies often find that the company is not as receptive to internet marketing as they expected, leading to resistance when the time comes to implement new initiatives. Whether this stems from organizational culture, objections from individual stakeholders, or both, it can be frustrating. Continue reading “How to Overcome Internal Objections to Manufacturing Marketing”

SEO Spotlight: Linking Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics

Although many business owners are familiar with at least some reports in Google Analytics, comparatively few visit Google Webmaster Tools regularly, perhaps because the name suggests that only those with technical expertise will find it useful. While Webmaster Tools is designed for web developers, it does include data that business owners can use to guide several aspects of digital strategy. Plus, webmasters who have easy visibility to Analytics data can make better decisions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For both parties, that information is more easily viewed and will probably be utilized much more frequently when Webmaster Tools and Analytics are linked.

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