How to Write a Compelling About Page for Your Dealership

The About page is an important part of a dealership’s website because it can help potential customers gain trust in the company, which facilitates purchase decisions. The About page is usually the focus of intense scrutiny during website development, but is often neglected post-launch as the business turns its attention to inventory listings and other pages that focus on sales.

Business WomanWhile the information on an About page might not change much, user expectations evolve over time, and what worked on an About page three years ago might not be as persuasive for today’s more sophisticated customer base. Here are some questions to consider when writing (or rewriting) a compelling About page for your dealership. How does yours measure up?

Mobile-Friendly Websites for RV Dealerships

Do you know how many of your potential customers are using their mobile devices to view your website? You can find out in Google Analytics:

Unfortunately, this will not tell you how many users abandon your mobile site before it even loads. Your RV dealership could be losing potential customers every day if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website.

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Blogging for RV Dealerships

man selling rv to coupleRecent reports indicate that as the economic recovery continues, RV sales are increasing; September 2014 saw improvements in all categories of recreational vehicles. The RV Industry Association said that RV manufacturers shipped 10.5 percent more units year-over-year in September.

Although sales numbers for some models are approaching pre-recession levels, there are still many opportunities for RV dealerships to position themselves in the market to take advantage of increasing demand as the recovery continues. Developing a search-engine friendly website is an excellent strategy, as there have been many changes in consumer behavior over the past 10 years.

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How to Develop Content Strategy for Dealer Networks

handshakeContent strategy for dealer networks is rare in the manufacturing industry. Very few manufacturers do it well; most don’t do it at all. But in order to interest dealers who are the best fit for your product lines, you need to let them know who you are as an organization and show them how doing business with you will benefit them. If your manufacturing company needs a larger dealer network but is at a loss as to how to attract the right kind of dealers, consider updating your website’s content strategy to help you achieve your goals.

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