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As the camping season comes to an end for the year, RVers are starting their search for a facility to store their RV. has been online since 1995, providing RVers and Campers alike with a valuable resource guide for everything RV, including storage facility locations.

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SpecBase 2 – Our NEW RV Showroom Solution

The History of SpecBase

Before SpecBase, the only feasible solution RV Dealers had that allows your SpecBase RV Showroom by RVUSAwebsite visitors to check out new model floor plans you were licensed to sell was to link to the manufacturer’s websites.  This of course takes visitors off of your website to a place where they can use the “Dealer Locator” that all manufacturers have on their websites.  Now we could make those links open in a new window, but there was still that chance you took when your visitors would locate and possibly buy an RV from another dealer.  The same is true today as it was back then, you work very hard to get visitors to your website and you want to keep them there as long as possible.  To that end, my team came up with a solution in 2006 – SpecBase – a huge database that we maintain that has all of the new model information, specifications, descriptions, floor plans, décor options, etc., for our dealer customers to easily display on their websites.

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