The Importance of Page Speed

What is Page Speed?

Page speed is the speed at which your website loads.  It is formally defined as the length of time it takes for all of the content on your page  to be fully displayed.

Why is Page Speed Important?

So why is page speed important? There are a plethora of different reasons actually! For one, people have very short attention spans! They want something to load quickly, and if it doesn’t they will leave and go to another website to get their information.

On average, 53% of users will abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load!

Also, Google favors fast loading pages! They use time to first byte in their ranking algorithm. A fast loading page will organically rank higher in Google search than a slower one.

What Are The Benefits of Fast Page Speed?

Everyone wants their page to rank high on Google, and faster page speed means a better ranking. Site and Page speed are key determining factors in on page SEO and are heavily weighted in the Google search algorithm.

Not only will a fast page speed help you rank higher in Google, it will keep people on your website longer. As mentioned earlier, slower pages lead to people bouncing and looking elsewhere. Fast loading websites will ensure a positive user experience, which will lead to a lower bounce rate, more leads, and more conversions.

Page Speed and Paid Search

Did you know that site and page speed have a direct correlation to your PPC? An excellent speed can actually help decrease your cost… How?  When your site speed increases, so will your quality score!

Your quality score is determined by a number of things including: page speed, keyword relevancy, and user experience. Quality score is integral in determining how high or low your cost per click will be… So improved page speed will lead to less expensive ads as well as better targeted results.

Page Speed and Social Media

In a similar vein to how Google ads perform better when page speed is high, social media ads also favor faster landing pages.

Facebook especially prioritizes user experience when pushing ads to your audience. After their algorithm change, this has become even more prominent and it was announced that page speed will be a large determining factor in whether or not your ads are prioritized.

How Can I Increase My Page Speed?

So now that you see why page speed is so important for your website, you may be asking yourself… “How can I improve my page speed?”. There are a few things you can do to improve your speed and start seeing better results.

  • Compress your files
  • Optimize your images to reduce their size without reducing the quality
  • Minimize landing page redirects
  • Improve your server response with better hosting

These terms and concepts may seem daunting, intimidating, and confusing… and that is okay because you aren’t in this alone.

Netsource Media specialized in building fast, optimized websites and helping you grow your business online. We have in house experts who will be able to optimize your website, market your business online, and get you the best bang for your buck!

Still not sure? We don’t make claims we can’t back up! Research has shown that our sites are up to 86% faster than our competitors.  We outperform the competition in every way, including our dedication to personalized customer service.

We are a full-service marketing firm. No matter your needs, we are here for you!

If you are interested in reducing your page load time and increasing your earnings, give one of our experts a call today for a free personalized quote.

How Millennials are Changing the RV Industry

Over the last decade, millennials have created quite a reputation for themselves. I, myself being a millennial try to consistently be the “exception” as do many others. Despite what many say, millennials are dominating the work force, hold more college degrees than any other generation of young adults, and represent the most charitable generation. So how is this group of people affecting the RV industry? In more ways than you know!

What is a millennial?

Millennials are those born between 1981-1996. They are known for caring about the environment, appreciating experiences rather than materialistic items, and speaking out about social issues.  They tend to love the outdoors, camping, and embracing what nature has to offer. What better way to experience the earth than driving in an RV?! This group of people has created an entirely new demographic, and there has been a surge in RV purchases from those that fit this group.

Did you know, millennials are said to travel 30% more than previous generations? What better way to travel around the country than to hop in their RV and go on their way! With this in mind, we have seen a significant increase in RV sales in the last decade due to the boost of millennials purchases.

How Millennials are Changing the RV Industry

What entices a millennial to purchase their own RV?
  1. It can be cost effective in the long run! Not having to rent a car or a hotel allows you to travel and save when you get there. You can also store your own food which can save on fast food runs on the road.
  2. It gives them access to Wi-Fi, television, their own kitchen, and other amenities that millennials typically request when on the road.
  3. It is good for families with children. Allows them to travel while having the space for their children to not feel stuck in a car, and they can sleep indoors while camping.
Changing the RV Industry

How Millennials are Changing the RV Industry

Millennials are truly changing the RV industry in a big way.  Even the design of these RV’s have had to change to adapt to this generation. What people wanted in their RV 30 years ago, is totally different than the modern amenities people want now. From new comfortable seating, USB ports, WIFI, solar paneling etc. You can see major changes that are happening to adjust this demographic.

So how do you accommodate this younger group of environmental loving millennials as an RV dealership? RV companies are noticing this trend, and the best way to stay ahead and keep sales up, is to learn about the newest demographic of RV buyers! Consider keeping different models in stock that can adhere to this demographic. Such as, light weight, inexpensive and have an abundance of technology!

Marketing RVs to Millenials

Remember, RV’s are not just for retirees anymore, so learn about this new group of RV buyers, and adjust your lot accordingly!

The best place to market RVs to the Millennial demographic is where they live.. On Social Media!  Millennials are the social media generation, they live they, they use it for everything and that is something that yo, as a dealership, can take full advantage of!

Now, one thing about this generation is they don’t want to simply be sold to! You need to offer them value.. Make them see you as a leader in the industry… Gain their trust and then they will be more likely to buy from you!

One way you can do this is to incorporate lifestyle content into your regular social media shares. While you may not see this as beneficial, I can promise you, it is!

Let Us Help You Reach Your Target Market

If you need help reaching your target market, no matter if that is Millennials or retirees, we have you covered.

Our team of expert marketers will help you reach new heights with your dealership. Go ahead, give us a call or send us a message to get your FREE QUOTE on a personalized RV marketing plan today.



Should My Dealership Be Using Pinterest?

When you think of relevant social media, you think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram more than anything. These are the major platforms that businesses tend to stick to and think they’ll see the most success from. However, smart business owners will know that there’s another platform that allows for engaging content and easy conversions.

Pinterest is often thought of as a hub for DIYers and trend-loving people, when in reality, it’s the perfect opportunity for RV dealers to connect with potential customers. The concept of Pinterest is a visual collection of images that can be saved by users. It’s like a photo album for your business and can take users directly to a product or listing on your website. It’s an incredible way to drive leads and traffic. Here is a list of reasons why your dealership should have a Pinterest account.

Simple Engagement

Even though Pinterest is ranked as the sixth social media network for monthly active users, it presents a greater opportunity than most platforms for active engagement with your brand. The purpose behind Pinterest is for users to share and save their favorite products and lifestyle content.

As you can imagine, RVing and camping are popular ways to get away, and there’s already tons of content about this activity on Pinterest. If your dealership starts posting lifestyle ideas and listings, you’re sure to connect directly with an audience who is interested in motorhomes. Not only will they visit your site, but they will be active and browse through your content. It can translate into making sales and gaining loyal customers.

Reach a Local Audience

We know how important it is for dealerships to connect with potential customers nearby. Luckily, Pinterest features Pinterest Place Pins that pair an image with a location, address, and contact points. That way, you can target people by where they live and if they’re close enough to your dealership to make the trip. Listing Place Pins also allows you to engage with other local businesses. If you offer to promote them, then they might be able to draw your page more attention from their clientele. It’s a convenient win-win situation for your dealership.

Shorter Conversions

The major advantage of having a Pinterest account is the ability to maker quicker conversions from views to purchases. Because the platform is so visual, it makes viewers intrigued to learn more from first seeing a Pin. Once they click on it, they’re brought straight to your listing on your website. There’s no midway point between pinning and buying, so it’s a great way to generate direct purchases, especially if you’re reaching the right audience.

Should My Dealership Be Using Pinterest?

Ready to start your own Pinterest account? Learn more about our social media services here.

Facebook Marketplace: Now Available for Your Dealership

For years, Facebook users have had access to the Marketplace where they can find items for sale within a 40-mile radius of their zip code. You can search for almost any item and connect with sellers to make a deal. It’s as simple as browsing through the listings or searching by category or keyword. Users also have the ability to save items, get notified when units matching their search criteria are added, send a message to the seller for more details, and share the item either in Messenger or on their Facebook wall. Now, RV and Trailer dealers have the opportunity to list their inventories on Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace: Now Available for Your Dealership

Why You Should List Your Units on Facebook Marketplace

As of October 2018, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users. Facebook Marketplace specifically is used in 70 countries by 800 million people monthly, and one in three people in the US use Marketplace. With this automatic listing tool, your used inventory is pushed to Facebook Marketplace. Your listings won’t expire – they come down only if the unit is not in the feed, or if the service is discontinued. Best of all, it’s free to list your units in the Marketplace.

What Does the Listing Tool Cost

This automatic listing tool is part of our EZ-List package, which also includes Craigslist, eBay, and YouTube. The Facebook Marketplace listing tool is $199 per month, per dealership location. If you are already using EZ-List, there’s no additional setup cost. If not, the setup cost is $125 for your first location, and $75 for each additional location. Your used units will be listed in the “Vehicles” category on Facebook Marketplace. You must have one of our Dealer Plans in order to use the EZ-List posting tools.


How Do I Manage Leads from Facebook Marketplace

Leads are sent via Facebook Messenger to the admin for your Facebook Business page. To manage these leads, you’ll want to elect someone from your team to handle them. The quicker you get back to these leads, the better, so your Facebook Business page admin will want to download the Facebook Page app on their mobile device and update the settings to turn on notifications. Watch a quick 15-second video that shows how to do just that.

If you already have an Dealer Plan, and would like to add EZ-List to your account, click here.

If you need to sign-up for both an Dealer Plan and EZ-List, click here.

Why Local Businesses Need A Website

No matter how big or small a company is, every business should have its own website. You don’t need to be a well-known, multi-national corporation to maintain an amazing site and build a brand. Most of the time, local businesses will neglect creating a digital presence because they don’t think they can attract customers in one specific area. Much to their surprise, having a website is the best way to advertise to a local audience. Here’s how your business could benefit from a website:

It’s Homebase for Everything You Do

Ever since the beginning of the digital age, customers are now relying solely on the Internet to seek out businesses. If they can’t find any information on your company online, then they won’t know anything about your services. Having a website ensures that you’ll be seen.

Think of it as your own online business front. You can store everything on your website, from your basic contact information to marketing collateral. If everything is in one accessible place, then it won’t require customers to dig through pages and pages of search results. If you think of a website as a warehouse for your local business, then you’ll be able to truly connect with your customers and expand your outreach.

Your Competition Is Already Doing It

Newsflash: your competitors already have websites. If you’re a local business who refuses to jump on that bandwagon, YOU are the odd one out. So when customers search for “dry-cleaner nearby”, they’ll find your competition instead of you. That’s a huge missed opportunity for your business and could mean the difference between making a profit and going out of business.

If you want to start building your own site, you should look at your competitors’ first to get a sense of what works and doesn’t in your industry. Look at the design, webpages, and how they organize the site overall. This is a great way to understand what customers expect to see from you and to beat your competition at their own game.

Search Engines Will Find You

Having a website helps with a little thing known as Search Engine Optimization. Google, Bing, and Yahoo should be your best friends since that’s where all customers go to find you. Search engines feed on websites and will rank you in their search results based on the quality and organization of your site. If it doesn’t follow typical SEO standards, then you’ll be buried when someone searches a keyword associated with your business.

To avoid this, make sure your website will make search engines love you. You can either do this by using a site builder like WordPress or relying on an expert to create your site. Either way, customers will start to find you in their search results if you do it right.

You’ll Connect with New Customers Nearby

More often than not, people will prioritize businesses by how close they are to them. Some of the most common search terms online are “nearby” or “near me.” They’re always trying to find the quickest and closest solution to their problem.

If you have a website, you’ll be equipped to answer their call. That way, all of the locals will know about you and start coming to your business, and if they have a great experience, they’ll become your patrons. It’s a win-win situation.

Need help building your website?

If you’re ready to create a website for your business but don’t want to do it by yourself, you can get in touch with NetSource Technologies, and we’ll be happy to help. Our team creates custom websites and ecommerce platforms for every industry. We can also help with branding, content development, and SEO optimization. Visit our website for more information, and contact us here.

Why Local Businesses Need A Website